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Travel Adapter | Grounded Adaptor Plug | 2 or 4 USB Port & Resettable
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Travel Adapter | Grounded Adaptor Plug | 2 or 4 USB Port & Resettable

Travel Adapter | Grounded Adaptor Plug | 2 or 4 USB Port & Resettable

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Main Features

SKU No.: LYWP0104(4 USB) /LYWP0105(2 USB)
USB Output Wattage:25W / 12W
Input Voltage: 100-250V /50-60Hz
AC Output: 10A max
Max Wattage: 100V-1100W/250V-2500W
Material: Fireproof ABS
Size: 62*54.5*68.4(mm)
Net Weight: 220g
Safety Standard: BS, IEC, CE, FCC, IEC & ROHS

About This Item

Earth Connected
LYWP0102 has four plugs and all these plugs are equipped with a ground wire for earth connection. A ground wire, is an electrical wire that neutralizes and protects devices and appliances from current problems and shocks. To some extent, this travel adapter is is first earth connected travel adapter until now.

One more unique feature of this travel plug is its baby-proof safety mechanism. It is equipped with electrical gate for preventing little children inserting in their fingers or other Objects.

Resettable Fuse
With the new one-push resetting fuse, the power will be cut off automatically when this travel adapter is overloaded. But it will begin to work again by slightly pushing its fuse button(overcurrent protector), rather than having to replace the fuses by hand like other travel adapters.

Superior Safety
It is the first travel adapter which compliance with both IEC60884-2-5 and BS8546 Certification. And its surge protection, short circuit prevention, temperature control, and other advanced safety features keep you and your devices safe. Thanks to built-in plugs and the universal AC output, LYSLEDa compact 3-pole travel adapter can work seamlessly to power 2- and 3-pole devices in over 200 countries and regions.

Notice for User
These travel adapter is not a transformer for converting voltage from 250v to 110v or 110v to 250v.
IP20 for indoor use only. 

What You Get:
1 x travel adapter.
1 x user guide