5 in 1 Carving Tool Set
5 in 1 Carving Tool Set
5 in 1 Carving Tool Set
5 in 1 Carving Tool Set
5 in 1 Carving Tool Set
5 in 1 Carving Tool Set
5 in 1 Carving Tool Set

5 in 1 Carving Tool Set

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【5 in 1 Carving Tools Set for Beginners and Professional Woodcarvers】
This wood carving knife set is comprised of a general carving knife, spoon carving knife, detail carving knife, leather strop, and a green polishing compound. It consists of the best wood carving tools for beginners and professional woodcarvers too that are fond of spoon and bowl carving.

【Compact Tools Stored in Canvas Bag】
All these spoon caving tools are wrapped into a tool roll-up canvas bag that has individual slots for each carving tool, offering the maximum protection and convenient storage for them. Allows you to freely carry and use them anywhere!

【Multi-purpose & Versatile】
The hook knife is perfect for carving spoons, bowls, cups, kuksas or any other hollows, concaves and round edges, while the chip carving knife allows you to create precise details. For whittling down large pieces of wood into finer shapes then the sloyd knife is perfect.

【High Quality & Easy to Use】
This wood carving knives use a special hardwood handles that provide the maximum grip and stability, yet still letting you handle all different kinds of wooden materials with the blades that are made from strong and durable high-quality stainless alloy steel. And a leather strop with green polishing compound are there for you when you need to give your blades an extra polish.

【Wonderful Tool Set for DIY Gifts for Someone You Care about】
Overall if you are looking for a mix of quality carving, performance, and style then this kit has everything you need to start you progressing with your wood carving techniques. Do you want to make beautiful spoons? Our woodworking carving knives set includes all you need, trying to DIY the gift for your families or friends on Easter, Christmas and birthday!

Main Features
Package size: 180*80*50mm
Total weight of carving set: 240g;
Quantity in package: 5pcs;
Steel type: Heavy duty stainless steel
Handle material: Wood

Warm Tips
1.The knifes for wood carving are very sharp, please keep them out of children's reach! 
2.Make sure to use your wrist rather than the elbow, to control the crooked knife. 
3.Keep your green woodworking tools sharp, to make wood carving easier. 
4.Use the detail knife ONLY for delicate woodworking.

What You Get
1 x Carving hook knife
1 x Whittling knife
1 x Chip carving Knife